Authentic, unpretentious expression is what I work towards.

Nature reflecting the nature of things in the microcosm revealed…

The human condition in it’s complexity fascinates me, and my artwork
constantly returns to the vast theme: the vulnerability of life; the often
stupidity of human beings; their sometimes bravery; their fallibility, bound
tenuously by a thread of human affection and ubuntu. The Karoo landscape I
call home, offers me answers to the many questions that arise in my daily
musing about why, and where to from here?

Using figurative symbolism in my nature studies, I express moods and dilemmas

that are topical in my life, and to humanity as a whole. The aloe, in particular,

as a leitmotif in my work, draws on memories from my early childhood in the Transkei,

to my current home in the Klein Karoo. Strong colours are characteristic of my works,

as are bold brushstrokes and mixed media. My current is predominantly alcohol ink

on stonepaper, but also oils on canvas and mixed media.

I am privileged to have had great mentors and muses within Oudtshoorn’s art community, where I have in turn, nurtured many younger artists through ArtKaroo with regular group exhibitions, workshops, sales opportunities and time spent philosophising, creating together and inspiring each other.

A list of exhibitions I have participated in.