Janet has participated in include:

AKA Wintershow – group participationAKA Cambridge
United Kingdom
Dec 2023
Digital Arts Exhibition (participation in group show) Plett Arts Festival
Plettenberg Bay
Sept 2023
De Rust Open StudiosDe Rustica Olive EstateSept 2023
The Earth has Music for those who Listen Curated group
Klein Karoo Klassique
Aug 2023
The Incarnation of Woman Two man show with Francois TiranOfficial KKNK Visual ArtsApril 2023
Veldt with Wilhelm VincentArtKaroo,OudtshoornDec 2022
Tilted Stones with Peter EngelbrechtRiebeek KasteelOct 2022
ArtBoxy Zurich project virtual exhibitionZurichJuly 2022
Rerooting Group ExhibitionArtKarooApril 2022
Disrupted International Virtual Group ExhibitionWO FoundationMarch 2022
Made It! Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornApril 2021
Amplifica :a medley of moods in miniatureKKNK online june 2021
Greetings From Lockdown :smalls group exhibitionWales.Lily Lacey HastingsEnd 2020
Particular Group exhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJuly 2020
Art in Isolation.Group ExhibitionImibala OnlineJuly 2020
Promise of Rain Group ExhibitionImibala Gallery Graaff Reinet:February 2020
Chasing Light Group ExhibitionImibala Gallery Graaff Reinet:Dec 2019
Under Great Karoo Skies Group ExhibitionImibala Gallery Graaff Reinet:June 2019
Binne open studioArtKaroo KKNKMarch 2019
Vanishing Karoo Group ExhibitionImibala Gallery Graaff Reinet:March 2019
Resilence Group ExhibitionKlassique OudtshoornAug 2018
Bloch participated in international group interactive show KKnk ArtKarooApril 2017
Group exhibition “Antonym”- Visual Arts KKNK, part of ‘Greed Gone Mad & Fear Bought’ KKNKApril 2017
Group exhibition”Neels Coetzee Memorial”Prince Albert GallerySept 2016
Red in Tooth and Claw paired with” Leaf” by Thijs NelArtKaroo OudtshoornAugust 2016
Public Art”AfrikaSkreeu”with Wilhelm Vincent ,Vrystaatse KunstefeesJuly 2016
Framed Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJune 2016
Versier Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornMay 2016
Delft Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornMarch 2016
Primal Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornFeb 2016
Aangesig Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornDec 2015
Undormant Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornNov 2015
The Dance of Pangea Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornAug 2015
Lumen Obscurum Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJune 2015
Karoo Noveau Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornApril 2015
Die Aard van Kuns Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornApril 2015
The Art of the Flower Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJune 2014
Wording uit Warboel Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornMarch 2014
Abundance Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornNov 2013
Hart en Siel Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornMarch 2013
Jubilation Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornNov 2011
Earth mother, Sky father Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornAug 2011
Bridging the Gap Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornMarch 2011
Maak jouself Tuis Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornSept 2010
Woman Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornAug 2010
Play! Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJune 2010
In Search of the Cosmic Mystery Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornApril 2010
Mermaids Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornNov 2009
Kleur en Geur Klassique Group Exhibition
ArtKaroo OudtshoornAugust 2009
Solo exhibition in “Amongst Aloes” ArtKaroo ArtKaroo OudtshoornAugust 2009
Another Starry Night Group ExhibitionArtKaroo OudtshoornJune 2009
Group exhibition “Raka” Artists’of Oudtshoorn KKNK April 2007
Group exhibition “Dreamers” Artists of OudtshoornKKNK April 2006
Collaborative with Ina Marx KKNK March 2005