Wilhelm Vincent

The artist Wilhelm Vincent lives between land and ocean, between sky and earth, in the aptly named South African coastal village of Wilderness.


He and his life-partner have intentionally surrounded themselves with the complexity and simplicity of nature, and live a life of unabashed semi-reclusiveness.


As an artist, Wilhelm’s main creative themes is a removed, almost Kafkaesque approach towards contemporary society. 

His role as creative is not circumscribed by convention and has included curating, performance art, painting, photography composing and making music, as well as being immersed in the growing up of ArtKaroo as a living gallery by creating systems ,initiating projects and the various transformations in the gallery itself. His photography has been exhibited in many international exhibitions around the world and in South Africa. 

“The out of the box creativity and whirling dervish-like presence are a decoy for the artist underneath, as focused on his art and career as he is expansive. His personal choice is monochromatic black and white, yet he could never be anything but colourful. “