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What joy to walk barefoot in the sand, to feel connected to the earth, grounded and centred ,even as the foundations of all we had believed in by rote as normal or moral or good has been shaken by the last two years of abnormal living. 


Society has crumbled, governments have changed their modus operandi, constititions have been disregarded and fear become a constant visitor as death and disease is an everyday occurrence.All around us walls have fallen,we stand open and bemused by yet another humanitarian crisis. Superpowers are pitted against one another , but real people are falling like chess pieces in the middle. Newsmakers have tarnished credibitity, fake 

news abounds,who to believe?


We return to the known, the solid, the vital-,the earth and in our personal world the Karoo: the survivors who have proved their mettle - aloes and welcome cacti aliens. 

In spite of all the trauma ,even drought, nature springs eternal, like Hope.


This year everything has happened more than been planned:-Ina Marx, Peter Engelbrecht and Janet Dixon have come together and brought with them tokens of rerooting in the Karoo Soil- an earthy, collection of unique found object sculpture and paintings each expressing their own.


We invite you to celebrate with us at the opening at ArtKaroo 

237 Jan Van Riebeeck str, Oudtshoorn at 19h00 on 29th March 2022. 

Please Note : The work will be on display at Jaco Kriek’s offices during the following weekdays 161 High Street , and back at ArtKaroo Arthouse over the weekend