My Beloved Fellow Inhabitants

a series by Janet Dixon

Beloved fellow inhabitants


What is really going on? Through what filter are we seeing this world? Our perception can be a deceptive...our learned, cultured sophistication can blind us to the other worlds  within our world...The bigger picture is possibly only discernible from the microcosm ... Looking at something on the surface, means you miss all the inner workings.


I have had many flashbulb moments when studying the tiny creatures we live with; intricately designed, diligent survivors, whose lives continue to run parallel and unseen to ours. They contribute in ways we are often unaware of to our own existence, and yet we have been taught to reject them with horror: the ancient cockroach , the nimble spider, the diligent dungbeetle ,the nocturnal moth. Viewed with an impartial eye their details are exquisite-not only the iridescent dragonfly, or the furry bee ,but also the electric blue spider-killing wasp, whose jarring busy noise sounds like an eggbeater on steroids.


Human arrogance easily misses their precious secrets- the silky strength of the spiderweb, the industry of the ant, the ultrasonic skills of the moth- what else can Nature teach us if we are willing to observe and listen? We all know now that killing all bees will end the cycle of flowers and fruit- what will happen if we eradicate the 30 million year old cockroach?


I have tried to capture what I see, looking past my own domestication and inbred distaste of creepy crawlies... I have seen their beauty, and hoped to capture it in a way that honours them as mutual worthy occupants of this universe.

Interest piqued? If you would like to own any of these contact by email or Whatsapp : +27 74 481 6517

“Nature, my wise muse, is a great leveller of all men, and to her I return cyclically in my work to inspiration gleamed there, sometimes brutal, but always beautiful, peppered with the magic of sacred geometry and the secret of life." - Janet Dixon

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