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Liezel von Wieligh

I am a creative living in the klein Karoo, using the local fauna and flora as inspiration. After a lifetime of tinkering and experimenting, I have finally find my medium in fibre Art. I am a rather passionate fabricator with a slight obsession for textures,color and detail. I want to translate everything I see, using fabric and various experimental techniques. I enjoy teaching anyone who is interested how.  I think it’s wonderous how fabric crafts can be used as therapy.

All this happens in a small old pig sty at the top of a hill that I have created into a stitching sanctuary. Here I convert the plants and creatures I come across into a fabric construction in my very own style. 


The Lizels

Cotyledon and Suikerbekkie  30x65cm

Fibre and Textiles



Aloe in Pot

Fibre and Textiles