Art.Teritis started in 2016 when we met and we saw how divided and isolated artists are and we decided to change that and formed a group. We all have different personalities and that reflects through our art and we also learn from one another which creates and interesting melting pot of creativity and ideas. Through the years we have had amazing opportunities like Bloch, Freek se Preekstoel and The Spring Festival which allowed us to grow and share our gift with the community of Oudtshoorn.

Our aim with this painting is to convey hope, joy and the sense of overcoming a very dark time.

The two characters show this, the one is wearing a mask, which has become a symbol of fear and protection, and the other character isn’t wearing a mask which symbolizes freedom and a return to normalcy.  The warm colours of the sunset and the corona virus setting behind the mountains drives home the idea of that the pandemic is starting to end and we’ve made it through this difficult time.

Life After Lockdown

76cm x 101cm


Colab by Art.Teritis