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Made It!

During the preceding pandemonium of 2020 and 2021 all of our lives changed - and as we are so often reminded-irrevocably. The carpet of our security has been ripped out from under our feet - a scenario that has been predicted by many creatives in books and movies... We have been forced to rethink everything: what has meaning? what has substance? what it is to be “good”- or to be “evil”?

Secure avenues of income have evaporated and human company is at a premium... many people have lost loved ones and many people still live in fear and isolation. “Things will never be the same” is a repetitive refrain. In this climate of uncertainty and socio-economic depression artists have been doing what they do best - hibernating, incubating and creating from their own vantage point of truth. While they may appear to be silenced, this is the artists’ call to delve into the inner world and unearth new streams of expression and communication.

“How did you make it though this time? What did you make ?


” That is the directive that ArtKaroo has given a handful of artists who have longterm ties to the gallery - and some newer ones. With a bit of welcome familiarity of the old normal and a touch of the new – diverse works of painting, sculpture, poetry and performance.

Artists: Janet Dixon, Lisl Barry, Ina Marx, Lizel von Wieligh, Peter Engelbrecht, Ulrich Chelius and the artists from the group ‘Art.Teritis’.


ArtKaroo will be hosting this Group Exhibition at the ArtHouse on the evening of the 29th April at 18h30. The house will also be open for viewing on 30thApril and1st & 2nd May from 10 until 17h00