"I believe art is a global language that cuts across barriers of language and culture. I also believe the power and lure of art lies in its organic authenticity, in raw and honest expression of inner emotions, unmanipulated by calculation and analysis. Just as in our dreams, art deals in the subconscious.  


Nature, my wise muse, is a great leveller of all men, and to her I return cyclically in my work to inspiration gleamed there, sometimes 

brutal, but always beautiful, peppered with the magic of sacred geometry and the secret of life. 


Even as my perspectives are honed by own journey and milieu, I endeavour to be honest in my personal expression and to share these with my art audience. 


My work is impressionistic and figuratively symbolic. And yet the art viewer's take on a piece will still be a projection of his own personal experiences" - Janet Dixon

Ancient Motherhood
Survival of the Fittest
On the Other side of the Fence
Beautiful Imperfection
Outeniqua Pass in Winter Oil on Board 1m
Silent Sentries Oil on Canvas 30x40cm
Winters warmth oil on canvas 30x40cm (2)
Veldt oil on Canvas 30x40cm
Autumn,between Graaff Reinet and Murrays
Lunacy Acrylic on Board 53cm diameter
Turmoil Acrylic on Board 53 cm
Outeniqua Pass in Winter  Detail Oil on
Snake Oil Jar Oil on Canvas 30x30cm
Spandau in Colour Oil on Canvas 40x50cm.
Janet Dixon- Odd One Out-  120 x90 cm(framed), 1419
Ferocious Oil on Canvas 1x1mx4cm R7900
Janet Dixon Life, a fury slinging flame_Acrylic + mixed media_120cmx90x4.5cm_R7200.00_8202
Janet Dixon- Soul Skin, Acrylic on Canvas,  120 x 90  cm, 1418
Janet Dixon_All golden afternoon 2_Oil on canvas_100cmx60cmx4.5cm_R4200.00_8210. (1)
Janet Dixon_All golden afternoon 1_Oil on canvas_100cmx60cmx4.5cm_R4200.00_8209 (1)
Janet DixonWaiting In the Wings Charcoal on  Fabriano 30x27cm. Unframed R450
Janet Dixon- Sundown skirts the moor_Oil and mixed media_120cmx90cmx4.5cm_R7200.00_8204
Janet Dixon- The path we came by, Thorn and flower_Oil and mixed media_120cmx90cmx45cm_R7200.00_8203
Janet Dixon_Suprise in Bloom_Oil on canvas_ 50x30cm_  5470
Janet Dixon- Azure day in the Klein Karoo 45x60cm Acrylic on canvas
Golden Hour Oil on canvas 1mx1m x4cm R9500
Janet Dixon, Veld in Flower, Oil on Canvas, 61x55cm, 5648
Janet Dixon- Sandstone Temple Acrylic on canvas 120x90x4cm
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Janet Dixon_All golden afternoon 1_Oil on canvas_100cmx60cmx4.5cm_R4200.00_8209 (1)