Hope & The Nature of Being Human

Janet Dixon is very happy to announce, that after a break from the
public eye, she will be releasing a new series of small works called
"Hope & The Nature of being Human". The works will be displayed at a special Open Studio event at ArtKaroo ArtHouse . Although a departure from her more conventional style, the works are figuratively symbolic and a
continuation of the theme of plant life and nature reflecting the
human condition. In the works textures and layering with rich earthy colours are juxtaposed to the harshness of thorns and Karoo foliage, reflecting
life in its cycles of flourish and struggle.

A special discount of 10% will be offered to the first 10 buyers on the opening evening, on December 5th 2019 @ 18h30 and there will also be a studio sale of older works available.


ArtKaroo Arthouse |  237 Jan van Riebeeck | 9am to 6pm | 074 481 6517 | |21-27 March 2018


The new works will be available for viewing by the public on Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

Online sales will open from 6pm on Friday December 6th online at our shop


Janet Dixon is a self taught South African artist,

mother and medical doctor from Oudtshoorn. Her work is informed by her enviroment,arid but rich in rich flora,and her everyday experiences with people. She works primarily in oils and acrylics,but is versatile.


She was also the instigator of Artists of Oudtshoorn and ran a fulltime gallery ArtKaroo for 10 years(which now operates online and by appointment, from ArtKaroo Stay, her artists studio,home,gallery and artist and other travellers self catering accomodation.)s She also exhibits currently at the Imibala Gallery ,Graaff Reinet, and has curated numerous shows through ArtKaroo over the past 12 years.

“Nature, my wise muse, is a great leveller of all men, and to her I return cyclically in my work to inspiration gleamed there, sometimes
brutal, but always beautiful, peppered with the magic of sacred geometry and the secret of life. “ - Janet Dixon

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Blog Post by Janet Dixon :

The Dying Sunflower



I have sunflowers on my mind. Great luminous yellow ones that stretch open their arms wide to receive the sun into their dark centres. Their rays spread out, their tender tissues swell, and unfurl and the sunbeams paint them in glowing hues.  It is also the solar emanations that ripen and age them, as they gently, drop their heads and curl up slowly, in a beautiful death.  The beauty of old age, wrinkled with character and spiced with imperfections.


Life comes in cycles: new life, growth, death, decay and rebirth : without the dark side, the breaking of the earth’s surface by a precious new bud wouldn’t happen. I am reminded of those last verses of  that epic poem of Dylan Thomas - 

“Do not go gentle into that good night,

 Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”



Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Dying Sunflower, and by life, I have resorted to the watercolours of my youth to do this collection.

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