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An immersive and multimedia exhibition that encourages you to look under the carpet...and then, to breathe in, hear the sounds of the clear blue light. The light we can only see when the sunlight trickles through the rocks and Illuminates the path, untrodden - but ahead. To experience the little things in life with a bit more clarity, respect and mindfulness.


We are inviting creatives to join the preselected staple of ArtKaroo artists in sharing their work during this time of severe lock down and draconian restrictions. As a partner of Inspirational Art Magazine, we are also inviting international artists to submit their work to be selected for this exhibition by a curatorial panel. For possible selection, please contact Wilhelm Vincent at Deadline for confirmation of participation is April 9th 2020, for everyone. 


We aim to live share the event across social media, so that everyone, regardless of where they are - can see the work we created together, in this time of crisis and uncertainty.

The exhibition will tour to other art spaces within South Africa which permits group gatherings under current measures. 


“Particular” will open for audiences, and the public on the 24th of June 2020 at ArtKaroo ArtHouse. 

Blog Post by Janet Dixon :

The Dying Sunflower



I have sunflowers on my mind. Great luminous yellow ones that stretch open their arms wide to receive the sun into their dark centres. Their rays spread out, their tender tissues swell, and unfurl and the sunbeams paint them in glowing hues.  It is also the solar emanations that ripen and age them, as they gently, drop their heads and curl up slowly, in a beautiful death.  The beauty of old age, wrinkled with character and spiced with imperfections.


Life comes in cycles: new life, growth, death, decay and rebirth : without the dark side, the breaking of the earth’s surface by a precious new bud wouldn’t happen. I am reminded of those last verses of  that epic poem of Dylan Thomas - 

“Do not go gentle into that good night,

 Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”



Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Dying Sunflower, and by life, I have resorted to the watercolours of my youth to do this collection.

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