Ultimate Karoo Outdoor Art Experience!

Book now for your exclusive field-trip. Whether you are an established artist looking for fresh inspiration or just a creative person wanting to discover your talent in the company of other artists... this is for you.


ArtKaroo Outdoors is art therapy outdoors; sketching and painting in the veldt with the freshest air in South Africa pumping through your veins. Enjoy the goodness of the Karoo biosphere while soaking up the rugged beauty of this semi desert paradise.


And when you leave, you take a part of the Karoo fabric with you, that warm feeling of being at one with nature captured on your canvas. These excursions are tailored for your specific needs- preferably in groups of 3 or 4 and fully catered for including refreshments and art materials.

 Stay Residency

Over the past 9 years, ArtKaroo has become a place for artists where they could reflect, be inspired and find a creative refuge from the commercially controlled society.

Drawing inspiration from the whimsical semi-desert environment, and the stories  that the mountains tell, ArtKaroo taps into the bigger creative energy.

ArtKaroo Stay is the perfect residency program to enable artists to soak in the musings the Klein Karoo has to offer, in a creatively stimulating environment. 

ArtKaroo Stay will provide a residency program for artists on a 3 or 6 week period.

Workshops, studiospace, accommodation and an outreach program  form part of ArtKaroo Stay. Artists will stay in a creative environment, have the opportunity to liase with other local artists, an abundance of artbooks to draw research and inspiration from and the opportunity to exhibit at ArtKaroo as part of a group show, or a performance art piece.