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I am Ulrich Chelius. I have a deep history in martial as well as combat arts, which started over 15 years ago. I almost became a professional martial artists and fighter, the spectres by which I found my-self - my "education". I thus became a military specialist, as well as instructor. I am a professional soldier. I am a man of maximum effort...where the reasoning, time, and place, are in a very straight line. Why? To live by Pure Light. “ If in doubt, be prudent. If certain, Be Brave “. For an elevation which is greater than myself, whatever it costs me by the end, for this "Greatest Thing", whatever it costs by the end - I move. I was one of the 1% fittest, toughest and most capable of people,  at my peak within, South Africa. A journey which took most of my current life to achieve, while at the utmost of personal effort, focus, as well as the strength of truly, truly, solid leadership. This cost me my blood, some of my relationships, and nearly life…more than once. Who else is behind "this"? I am as such a “big softie”, as I am “obscure". I have been inside both The Light, and the darkness - the shadows - of Life. My greatest goal in life, is that to those who are worthy, they shall stand on my shoulders, just as others once bore the full of my weight. I have learnt, and I have learnt. Learnt from my scars, to not repeat them. Bring Forth Light into this world. Fear not death. Fear not fear. Negate                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Who am I ? I am more than one. I am One.

The Soul of The Flame. I cut myself open. I have been fiercely chastened. I founded myself through The Mighty Furnace. To withhold danger, so as one can be good. Do not dance with death. To grasp that which is gentle. To scare away fear, danger - The Blade. I am a simple man. A warrior. To be gentle. May the strong pass through last. Cut by fire, made for strength.