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We invite you to celebrate with us at the opening at ArtKaroo 

237 Jan Van Riebeeck str, Oudtshoorn at 19h00 on 29th March 2022. 


Elana Grundlingh from Grundheim wines will delight us with a Gin tasting and Jaco Kriek will delight us on his Saxophone.

Please Note : The work will be on display at Jaco Kriek’s offices during the following weekdays 161 High Street , and back at ArtKaroo Arthouse over the weekend

We have embraced, with human vulnerability, a new decade of ArtKaroo and the change it heralds. 

Welcome to our online art experience!


ArtKaroo, has shed her skin of public entertainment, and with her treasured permanent collection intact, is now “at home” in her new skin - a private artist residency, tucked away from the limelight and rejuvenating in the heart of Oudtshoorn.


Initially housed in a commercial gallery space, ArtKaroo has provided the community of greater Oudtshoorn and international visitors with regular curated exhibitions and other more ad lib creative events over the last 10 years.. Via participation from her audience and “carers” there was a two-way flow of creative juices. She evolved into a versatile ongoing reality artwork of her own. 


Guests can still access the ArtKaroo space by appointment : to see the gallery, spend some time in her gardens, do an artist’s residence, book a few nights in her inspiring cottage(non-artists welcome too!) or book a group workshop to go and paint in the vast and inspiring veldt of the Klein Karoo.

Come Play - Come Stay

ArtKaroo offers unique opportunities for visitors to imbibe

 the Karoo's magical presence.


Visitors can book a painting excursion in the Karoo Veldt, stay a couple of nights in the magical ArtKaroo Cottage or book a residency for a few weeks.

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