During Wilhelm Vincent’s odyssey to date he has drenched in different and exceptionally differentiating areas of South Africa. His work has appeared throughout this country and beyond, having been featured as part of exhibitions in London, Puerto Rico, Austalia, Greece, Poland, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

His own style of curatorship, that has so far included many exhibitions and performance, has consistently included significantly more than the typical role – he brings his own sensibilities as an accomplished and compassionate artist to create immersive and highly individual environments for fellow professional artists.

Vincent’s photographic work – at once both striking and subtle – has become renowned amongst collectors and artists alike, ranging from intimate portraits to international publications. His video works – often combining his own performance pieces –  are potent and takes the viewer into the depths of Vincent’s intensely personal and multi-layered creative sensibility. Vincent also combines the medium of paint to fuse the age-old practice with his digital endeavours. 

Commissioned work includes album covers, music and performance videos, photo-shoots and portraits – not to mention his artistic design for websites, and artist branding.

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