The Artist’s Pet

“Clearly Animals know more than we think. And think a great deal more than we know.” Irene. M. Pepperberg Scientist, Harvard University.

The parallel universes that other sentient beings inhabit, invisibly overlapping ours, are astonishing when revealed. Humans fall so easily into the habit of becoming oblivious to any existence other than their own.

This natural progression of our ego development, means a loss of the intuitive comprehension and communication with other beings that we had as infants. Being able to “tune in” again to the worlds of birds, dogs, cats and other animals, is exciting, comforting and inspiring!

Artists, many who tend to be reclusive, are often surrounded by animals, some co-habiting with them, some just frequent visitors.They become not only family and companions, but muses. Two of my artist mentors had in their mindfulness of these other realms, developed relationships with the wild creatures in their gardens. I have witnessed regular two-way conversations between artist and a Karoo Robin over morning coffee, and another with a frog!

This relationship between artist and animal is expressed by a group of diverse artists from all over South Africa in the exhibition,The Artist’s Pet which is curated by Janet Dixon of ArtKaroo, It opens at the KKNK 2024 in Oudtshoorn on the 23rd of March in the Prince Vincent Building, corner of Church and Baron van Reede Street as part of the official Visual Arts program under head curator Dineke Orton.

This is your invitation to join the artist and their pet in their own special world!.

Past Events

‘The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen’ Works

We’ve just concluded a wonderful exhibition as part of this year’s Klein Karoo Klassique, have a look at the works (some still for sale!) which are up until September 1st!

Oudtshoorn artist Janet Dixon from ArtKaroo is curating this year’s Klein Karoo Klassique visual arts exhibition titled “Earth has Music for those who Listen”, after a quote by William Shakespeare. It includes diverse works by established and emerging artists from the Klein Karoo, including Liza Grobler, Hermann Niebuhr, François Tiran, Ina Marx, Lisl Barry and others.

The exhibition is free to view from from 4 to 6 August, upstairs in the Banqueting Hall. 🎻

The music programme is available online and tickets are available at Webtickets or your nearest Pick n Pay.

Klassique 2023 is supported by the Rupert Music Foundation and ATKV

The Incarnation of Woman / Inkarnasie van Vrouwees joint show with François Tiran and Janet Dixon as part of the official KKNK Art Exhibition opening on Friday 31st March at The Prince Vincent Building, Baron van Reede Street Oudtshoorn.

The show will be open 9:00- 18:00 from 1st- 9th April 2023.

Detail from artwork by François Tiran “Plant vir my ‘n Boom, André” inspired by the life and poetry of Ingrid Jonker.

Inkarnasie van Vrouwees / The Incarnation of Womanhood.

What is a woman?

Is she simply defined as XX? From the very inception of life, all humans have an X chromosome.

We live in an age where proclaiming a gender is perilous – and risks offending others who might feel excluded. This exhibition is an inclusive celebration of womanhood in all her fullness– the feminine, the goddess, the matriarch, the temptress, the nurturer, the little girl and the female side in all of us.

The portrayal of women in the arts stretches vastly from the Venus of Willendorf as a mysterious symbol of fertility to modern day digital artworks depicting GBV, but also illuminates the progression of the female stereotype: from the fertile, rounded; to the beautiful, gentle, ladylike, vain creature; to the empowered, strong superwoman. Everyone knows women in their lives – great ones & difficult ones – women we love, sometimes hate, but cannot do without. Each one still is an unique individual in their own right, and this we celebrate.

François Tiran in his distinct abstract mixed media style, and Janet Dixon in alcohol inks, portray in full colour women who have touched their lives.

More information can be found on the official KKNK website with it’s programme.

The ArtRoom

Pop in and see us and Janet’s art here during the KKNK 2023 at the new
Basil& Barley Restaurant,

156 High Street, hosted by Rob& Olya the owners of Thorny Creek Brewery.
Great clean food, ambience and special cheese and beer pairings .