Ivan Lupi | Circadian Rhythm

Posted on: 2016-05-22

ArtKaroo launched it's residency program, and to inaugerate the ArtKaroo Stay program, Ivan Lupi - a London-based performance artist, performed his Circardian Rhythm.

" Ivan Lupi's series of performances 'Circadian Rhythm' includes repertoire and brand new pieces exclusively made for the South African residency.
During the twenty consecutive days of his residency the artist will split the arc of the 24 hours into actions that mix performance art and daily routine in which the audience will be free to participate with no restriction of time or method.

"These three weeks offer me a big chance to explore very intimate connections within myself. Also I will have the opportunity to work with artists who I admire and respect and who have revealed themselves to be generous friends and professional collaborators".

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