Isobel Dixon|Poetry reading

Posted on: 2016-09-16



It was a brilliant night- starlit and bright as befits the launch of  Isobel Dixon's "The Leonids", and ArtKaroo

was bedecked in tangerine ,clivias not nasturtiums,  in her honour.  This is her fifth collection,

and the second one to have a launch and reading at Artkaroo.  We have stocked up on "A Fold in the  Map", and" Bearings",  

and the new copies of The Leonids are nearly sold out..come quickly if you would like one!


Thank you Jakkalsvlei for your delicious wine. 


And to whet your excerpt from The Leonids 


"The old cliché,

though he didn’t say it, whispers in my ears:

Daughter, look, all of this is yours –


But his focus then wasn’t terrestrial,

his sweeping gesture gave a swathe of sky –

an overture of pizzicato stars,

and aslant above, the glorious rippling fall


of meteors. No doubt his explanation

passed me by, so much I never really learned,

but the yearly showers remain, sure precipitations

heralded in my memory by a wave


of Handel’s violins. Mostly, I miss

the sightings, but still sieve through this

inheritance: my mother’s lonely tinctured night,

my father’s bright cascade of dust.


Isobel Dixon The Leonids   by Mariscat