Marinda Combrinck Profile

Born in Johannesburg, 1972 Marinda matriculated at the Pretoria Pro Arte School of Art after witch she studied Fine Art at the Pretoria Technicon under lecturers: Dianne Victor & Kevin Roberts.

After studying, the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery was opened where she started honing her own unique style as a fine artist. Commissions for both original & commercial paintings for private clients, local and abroad followed and created a great variety in painting styles and content. In collaboration with fellow artists, this period included Set Painting for PACT and The Civic Theatre for pantomime productions such as Annie & Aladdin, Casinos like Emperors Palace and a Wedding Chapel in Rustenburg.

Since 2004 Marinda has been painting from her Studio & Gallery in the Little Karoo town of Calitzdorp. Her last Solo Exhibition in 2014 in collaboration with the EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) "Draaijakkals" was opened and exhibited at Knysna Fine Arts, Klein Karoo Klassique, Oudtshoorn, Part Festival, Prins Albert.

The 'Glamour Girls' were at first created as a commission for the coffee shop, Coffee @ Die Handelshuis next to her Studio & Gallery in Calitzdorp and grew into a 'Pin-up' series with the inspiration of Trent Read.

"These beguiling and delicious creations are quite irresistible and are saved from the least hint of whimsy by their sheer size and Combrinck's painterly skill linked to her sardonic and affectionate postmodern aesthetic" Trent Read

Marinda is currently working on her next exhibition subject: 'Life Form-Natural Litter, Road Kill' for Knysna Fine Arts after completing a course in Taxidermy in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. "