Owen Claassen

Owen was born in Oudtshoorn, and from a young age realized he was good with his hands.

In high school he chose woodwork as part of his subject choice and in the beginning of standard 7 realized that his love was actually for welding. He couldn’t change his subjects so he taught himself to weld.

He borrowed a welding machine from the metal work teacher, but the only way the teacher would let him use it was for him to say he knew how to use it, and that was how it all started.

He started out by making pot plant stands as a hobby and selling them at R10 each.

Owen worked at many welding companies and through this, gained experience. For an extra income, Owen started making metal figures, candle holders and figure bed lamps.

Owen quickly realized he needs to focus on natural themes, culture and folk stories. His inspiration comes from real happenings, things he grew up with.

Owen started selling his first artworks to some of his biggest support team in Oudtshoorn, De Oude Pastorie, Bottega Gallery and Strydom Gallery in George.

Through Mr Hennie Louw of Media 24, Owen managed to hold his first exhibition in September 2006. After that he had the opportunity to make the dancing figure for the Insig-kwela ballroom dancing competition at the Suid Oosterfees in December 2006.