Janet Dixon

" I revel in the creative act, the finished artwork simply a by product of the process, but one that reflects the inner world rather than the outer.The colours however are informed by my enviroment-the stark contrasts in weather where I live, the rugged landscape and hardy foliage the gentle blooms, life and death, dark and light.. the physical and the  metaphysical  .. all still beautiful."

Having been born in the Eastern Cape and raised in the Karoo, Janet feels very much at home in the wide open spaces of the Little Karoo, where the majestic mountain ranges present a superb backdrop to the surprisingly diverse vegetation. This serves as inspiration for her at present and most of her work reflects this.

Janet studied medicine at Stellenbosch University which she practiced full time until the birth of her last child. She is in part time practice in Oudtshoorn at present.

Although she has had no formal art training, her passion for it started at an early age with dawn excursions with a sketch book and a watercolour box.  Janet Dixon has been involved in the artist community of Oudtshoorn via a co-operative, and as owner of the ArtKaroo gallery.