Gail Strever

Visual Artist, Uniondale, South Africa

Gail Strever - Morkel was born in 1951 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She was educated at St. Peter's Diocesan School, the Bulawayo Technical College of Art, where she obtained a first class BA Fine Arts degree. Her body of work 'In Absentia' dealt with issues of colonialism and feminism, based on her research of southern African history, particularly the history of Bulawayo where she grew up.

      My work is an expression of my life, drawing from the cultural, social, political and historical forces by which it was informed. I am my happiest when I am working with a complex set of creative and theoretical problems. Making art is for me a kind of neurosis, a way of making sense of myself and the world around me: it keeps me sane. It is my preferred language. I like to think that I ‘speak’ art.