Allen Kidson

      I have always had a fascination for line, colour and texture. From an early age I have been obsessed by how one drawn line affects another, by the spaces created in between and the images that seem to grow organically on a surface.

I graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts & Design from the Witwatersrand Technical College in 1976 where I studied under Claude van Lingen, Nico van Rensburg, Phil Botha and Noel Bisseker among others . It was during my time at art college that I discovered the work of Judith Mason who has been my constant inspiration.

After college I spent 3 years in the South African Navy where I produced training aids for the various schools and graphics for the television unit. After this period in the military I worked as senior artist for a label company, was in-house artist for a major stationery supplier and headed up the Art Studio at the Chamber of Mines Research Organization.

Leaving Johannesburg to join my partner in Graaff-Reinet, I was involved in the design and manufacture of knitted garments before purchasing a guest house and restaurant – the sale of which provided the means to return to my first love, creating artworks.

One thing I have realised throughout the years is that one must always be teachable, to accept criticism from my peers – this provides growth. Another is that in order to learn one must teach, pass on the knowledge that one has gained from life. By teaching others I have been exposed to many different ways of seeing, of how the creation of art happens and the joy there is in making something beautiful.